Klark Teknik - Square ONE Dynamics

The constantly-changing hardware requirements of technical riders are just one of the many issues audio rental companies and live music venues have to deal with. Having to retain a comprehensive inventory of different devices, as well as reconfiguring outboard processing racks is a costly, time-consuming task, further complicated by the number of hardware options available.

The solution: Klark Teknik Square ONE dynamics.Eight channels of flexible, configurable, high-performance dynamics processing in one 3U package. The right brand, the right combination, the right investment, every time.


The Dynamics Processor shall provide eight complete channels of either compression or gating, with push button selection and LED status indication of operational mode on an individual channel basis.

The compressor section on each channel shall provide for adjustment of Threshold, Make-Up Gain, Attack and Release times and Ratio. There shall be push button selection of RMS or Vintage Emulation (Peak) response and push button selection of Soft or Hard knee mode on each channel.

The gate section on each channel shall provide for adjustment of Threshold, Attack, Hold and Release times and Range.

The Threshold, Attack and Release controls shall be operable by the same rotary control knobs in compression and gating modes. Control of Ratio and Range shall be performed using the same rotary control knob. There shall be individual rotary control knobs for Make-Up Gain and Hold.

Each channel shall have a six-segment input level meter and a ten-segment attenuation depth meter, which will show the gain reduction being applied in both compression and gating modes.

Each channel shall have a sidechain band-pass filter with a rotary control knob for frequency control and shall be enabled by a push button switch. The band-pass filter shall have two different bandwidth settings, selectable by a push button switch. There shall be provision for an external sidechain input selected by the External Key switch with LED status indication.

The Bypass switch shall set the signal path to unity gain on each channel and provide LED status.

Each channel shall have a Solo switch with LED status indication that sends the sidechain signal to the Solo Bus Output connector.

A Solo Bus Input connector shall allow multiple Dynamics units to be chained together to form a common Solo Bus Output.

The Side Chain Solo In Place switch shall have LED status indication and change the function of each Solo switch; when selected the sidechain signal shall be sent to the channel output connector instead of the Solo Bus Output.

The Dynamics Processor shall have the ability to link the operation of any number of adjacent channels, which shall all be summed into the sidechain of the left-hand linked channel which shall control the gain of each of the linked channels. The selection of either compression or gating for the left-hand linked channel shall override the push button settings for all channels linked to it.

A Power On Led shall be provided.

The Dynamics Processor shall meet or exceed the following specifications:


(THD+N) <0.02% @1kHz, +4dBu

Frequency response

0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz)

Dynamic Range

(20Hz-20kHz unweighted) >117dB

Each channel shall have XLR connectors for the input and output and a 1/4" TRS jack socket for the external side chain input. All audio connections shall be electronically balanced.

The Dynamics Processor shall be 19" standard rack mountable and 3U high.

The Dynamics Processor shall be capable of operating from a 100-240V +/- 10% 50/60Hz a.c. power source.

The Dynamics Processor shall be the Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics, and no alternative specification option is available.

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